• Arman Larmer Surveys Ltd50 Years Surveying in Papua New Guinea
  • Arman Larmer Surveys Ltd50 Years Surveying in Papua New Guinea
  • Arman Larmer Surveys Ltd50 Years Surveying in Papua New Guinea
  • Arman Larmer Surveys Ltd50 Years Surveying in Papua New Guinea
  • Arman Larmer Surveys Ltd50 Years Surveying in Papua New Guinea
  • Arman Larmer Surveys Ltd50 Years Surveying in Papua New Guinea
  • Arman Larmer Surveys Ltd50 Years Surveying in Papua New Guinea
  • Arman Larmer Surveys Ltd50 Years Surveying in Papua New Guinea
  • Arman Larmer Surveys Ltd50 Years Surveying in Papua New Guinea
  • Arman Larmer Surveys Ltd50 Years Surveying in Papua New Guinea
  • Arman Larmer Surveys Ltd50 Years Surveying in Papua New Guinea

PNG Experience

The company has the advantage with extensive operational experience of the challenging socioeconomic and geophysical conditions in PNG. We have fundamental knowledge of the PNG national land laws, relevant policies and strategic plans, sensitive to the local people. their cultural heritage, customary practices and community economic aspirations, understand and adapted to logistical and social issues with the severe environmental conditions and rugged terrain as backdrop in remote project areas around the country.

Arman Larmer Surveys: Looking back at 50 years In the frontier:
2014 marks 50 years for Arman Larmer Surveys (ALS) providing continuous surveying, planning and mapping services in PNG. The following select accounts and anecdotes were taken from an official autobiography by Christina Larmer entitled. "A measure of Papua New Guinea - The Arman Larmer Surveys story" and provide a glimpse into the lives of both Graeme Arman and Michael J. Larmer. ALS is their legacy.

ALSL today

Arman Larmer Surveys Ltd is the largest surveying company in Papua New Guinea with the capacity to deploy 20 survey teams at any one time. Amongst its 40 permanent staff are registered cadastral and engineering surveyors. GPS and GIS specialist, project managers. accounting and support staff.

A company with a 100% national equity, ALSL operations are administered from its head office in Port Moresby. (The offices in Brisbane, Mt Hagen and Lae are no longer operating.)

Our survey teams are all equipped with GPS RTK and static units, electronic Total Stations, laptop computers and printers for surveys away from Port Moresby. Communication and field data are transmitted though mobile phones or email/ internet.

Arman Larmer Directors

Chairman of Directors: Masang Bangindo
Deputy Chairman: Gairo Wari
Directors: Kila Ranu, Gairo Waigeno, Mike Lenz
Share Holder: Gabriel Pamel
General Manager: Mike Lenz

In the beginning: pre-1965
Arman & Larmer is born: As Christmas 1964 approached and contractual obligations to Australia's Commonwealth Department of Works (ComWorks) now complete, the guys had grown fond of their adopted country. 'We most definitely didn't want to pull out. "says Larmer, lt was an exciting place to be for a young surveyor in the 60's. Graeme and I decided no, this place has got a lot of future." The next step was deciding on a business name for the new partnership. "I actually renamed it Arman & Larmer Surveys. On 21st May 1965 Arman & Larmer Surveys (A&L), later to become (ALS) became incorporated in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea.

A&L gets involved: Part of that early work. especially in the lead up to Independence, was the development of a decent road system throughout the country.

Wau - Bulolo Road. Lida Bypass Goroka. Daub Bypass road. in 1966. Port Moresby jobs included. Koki Market, Gordons Estate, University of PNG. June valley Tokarara Subdivision. Gerehu subdivision. Hohola subdivision. Wabag to Wapenamada photo control.

The Mt. Hagen office 1969: Come February 1969. Mt. Hagen Office was set up to take care of developing Towns such as Baiyer River, Minj. Bane Kundiawa. Mendi, Wabag, Laiagam. Wapenamada and lalibu. Highlands highway from Kundiawa to Mt. Hagen.

The expanding years & independence: The 1970:
Early Ok Tedi preliminary works begin in 1972 in the Star Mountains of Western Province.

The Lae Office 1972: The Lae office was set-up to take care of Morobe. Madang and the New Guinea Islands. One job was Dumpu to Usino and Talasea. In that same year the Asian Expansion begins. Graeme Arman moved to Indonesia and set up an office in Jakarta.

A&L established a practice in Queensland in October 1973. Brisbane and Gold Coast were expanding fast.

1973 saw PNG gaining self government. There was a serious amount of money coming in from the Australian government trying to get PNG ready for independence. This created more work,

ALS, Localising in a changing place: The 1980s
A&L's Ok Tedi team. ASL got the official yes from Bechtel on the 18 September 1981. We had 30 surveyors. 90 odd chainmen and 400 labourers spread over 150km between the port side of Kiunga. Tabubi and the mine site at Mt Fubiilarn. The Ok Tedi project earned A&L a whopping K6 million.

ALS, The rise of the oil industry: The 1990s Chevron Niugini:
The large contracts were not in oil palms, but in the oilfields. A&L took on a very big job surveying a proposed pipeline 170km from lagifu in the Southern Highlands down to the Ivi River in the Guff Province. 120km road from Mendi Porome to Lake Kutubu. This started from feasibility study to contruction in 1992.

Technology from the late '80s: Come late 1980 We had Electronic Distance Measuring Equipment (EDME) at Ok Tech.- A&L's first serious step into surveying software was in 1986. we started using "Landmark" software and then GecComp shortly after that.

By 1992 ALS had nine Total Stations. mostly Wild TO 1000s. It made the work taster and more efficient.

The Porgera Gold Mine: Around this time. Steve Rawlings was busy at Porgera in the Enga Province in the Highlands. We did an enormous amount for work for them over the years. We also did work for CRA Hidden valley Gold, Misima Mine, Lihir Gold. lnter0il Napanapa refinery, Elk/Antelope Gas fields. When Oil Search took over the Kutubu/Gobe and Moran Oil fileds. A&L still had work over the years. We did the construction Set-out Surveys on the Hegigio Suspension bridge.

The PNG Gas Pipeline Project: In 2005, ALS was awarded another massive contract to do most of the survey work required on the PNG-Oueensland gas pipeline by the EOS joint venture. The project was worth K2.5 million to the company. A&L used about 12 ALS survey parties.

ALS, Looking to the future: 2000 and beyond: Arman Larmer Surveys Limited is born: The Partnership between EDA Investment and MJ Larmer Limited was dissolved and changed to Arman Larmer Surveys Limited in 2006.

Now retired in Australia. Larmer is still engaged as a Senior Advisor and offers directions and helps run business.



ALS celebrating 50 years surveying in Papua New Guinea

Arman Larmer Surveyors
Major Projects

  • PNG LNG Project
    EPC1 (Engineering Procurement Contract) Telecommunications Project - survey of tower sites at Hides. Moran, lagifu 5x. Gobe. Kaiam and Kopi
  • EPC3 (Downstream Processing Plant Site at Portion 152, Port Moresby) 1 survey party for 3 months and CAD drafting for 1 year 8 months.
  • EPC4 (Hides Gas Conditioning Plant and Well Project) 4 Survey parties on survey set-out and monitor construction of HGCP.
  • EPC5 (Upstream Pipeline Survey - ExxonMobil) 5 survey parties
  • EPC5A (Upstream Pipeline Survey - Spiecapag PNG Ltd) ALS Warren King JV of Australia. 5 survey parties and 3 Project Managers, from Omati, Kopi, Gobe, Moro and Hides.
  • EPC5B (MCCJV Komo Airport Survey) 1 survey party for early works (Early Works Program CCJV): 3-7 survey parties from late 2009 to early 2014 for construction set-out surveys for earth works.

Arman Larmer Surveyors
Survey Services:

• Cadastral
• Mining & Petroleum Exploration
• Hydrographic
• Lidar Imaginary
• Geodetic
• Topographic Surveys<
• Precision Engineering & Construction set out
• Mobile Laser Scanning


Our Surveyors

All of our National surveyors have Degrees of Bachelor of Technology in Surveying from the PNG University of technology in Lae and one has Bachelor of Surveying and a Post Graduate Diploma in Surveying Practice from QUT in Brisbane Australia. All are members of the Association of Surveyors of PNG. Expatriate surveyor is also a member of SSSIA (Aust).

Our office is located here

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